Time for Prayer

Husband: Have you prayed Asar?
Wife: No.
Husband: Why?
Wife: I got back from work and was tired so I took a nap.
Husband: Okay, go and pray Asar and Maghrib before it’s time for Isha.

The next day the husband leaves town on a business trip but even a few hours after his flight was scheduled to arrive at his destination he did not call or text her like he usually does to let her know that he had arrived safely.

The wife calls to check up on her husband but he doesn’t answer the call. She calls again, the phone rings but no one picks up the call. She was starting to get worried after many failed attempts of trying to reach her beloved husband. She thinks to herself that something must have possibly gone wrong as he always makes it a point to contact her as soon as he lands.

A few hours pass by and suddenly the phone rings and its the husband. The wife was all worried and says: Have you arrived safely?
Husband: Yes, Alhamdulillah.
Wife: When?
Husband: About 4 hours ago.
Wife in an angered tone: 4 hours ago? And you didn’t call?
Husband: I was tired so I decided to take a nap.
Wife: A few minutes wouldn’t have hurt you if you were to call me and let me know you’ve arrived. Plus didn’t you heard the phone ringing over and over again as I was trying to call you?
Husband: Yes, I heard it.
Wife: And you didn’t pick up? Are my calls not important enough for you?
Husband: Your calls are important to me, but yesterday you didn’t seem to mind not answering the calls of the Athan, Allah’s call.
Wife with watery eyes and after a short silence says: Yes, you have a point. I’m sorry.
Husband: Why are you apologizing to me? You should seek Allah’s forgiveness and don’t repeat the same mistake again. All that I want out of this world is that Allah unites us both in a place in Jannah where in it we can start our eternal life together.

Ever since that day the wife never delayed any of her prayers. The people who really care about you are the ones who will push you forward on your path to Allah and also get in your way and stop you from going backwards in life.